I was called to the Bar in 1986.  My main areas of practice have been Residential Real Estate Law, Wills and Estates. 

For a number of years I also practised Family Law.  I stopped practising Family Law a few years ago, but my experience in this area of the law has given me knowledge and sensitivity when I am assisting clients in the sale of their home when that sale is as a result of a separation or divorce.

I act for clients on the sale, purchase or re-finance of a home. I also act for clients in the transfer of title to property sometimes between spouses or from a parent to child or other family member.

I promise a highly organized and timely approach to every file.  Together with my assistant of 20 years, Reggie, we pay great attention to detail and provide a worry-free service. 

This is especially true for clients in transit: whether moving to or from Ontario.

We aim for early closings and provide same day reporting letters with the key to a new home (purchase) or funds (sale) enclosed or directly deposited to the client’s account.

My other area of practice is Wills and Estates.  I prepare wills and powers of attorney for clients – the Continuing Power of Attorney and Power of Attorney for Personal Care.  I also act for executors of estates in the preparation of an Application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee With/Without a Will (Probate).

Once the Certificate of Appointment is issued, I can act on the sale of property which was owned by the deceased. In this way I provide a seamless service to my clients who do not have to retain the services of a separate lawyer to act on the real estate matter.

I like to think that I assist my clients in making decisions that are pretty important – whether this be about buying or selling a home, making a will or naming attorneys re powers of attorney. I never think about the legal process alone and always take into account the personal circumstances of each client:

For example – the sale of a home might be because a parent / owner has died or the sale might be as a result of the separation of spouses, or a job transfer where a family is about to transition to a new life.  I share their excitement or am sorry for their loss or unfortunate circumstance.  If I am acting for an elderly client, I am happy to accommodate with a home visit at no extra charge.  I try to be sensitive to the needs of my clients beyond the legalize of what I am being asked to do. 

I have been practising for 30 years and for 30 years have been dealing with legal issues.   My clients are dealing with legal issues infrequently or for the first time.  In my discussions with my clients I try to make the process as straightforward as possible.